About CareStable

We are an impact-driven digital agency enabling success for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide and connecting skilled African youths to global opportunities.

An Empowered Team

Our teams are trained, equipped, and passionate about a service that retains value for your business and is knowledgeable about the essential tools and platforms used to run a business.

About us. CareStable
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Remote Teams,
Global Reach

We’re a fully remote company enabling businesses worldwide to do more and achieve more by leveraging cutting-edge tools, processes, and a skilled workforce.

Our Values



Team work


Note From Our CEO

Bolaji Akapo

ceo & founder

In my heart lies a burning passion for impact and a relentless drive to bridge gaps on a global scale. Driven by my passion for entrepreneurship and a vision to empower entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide, I embarked on this journey to redefine the landscape of digital agency work and serve as a catalyst for change. 

With years of experience managing online business and digital marketing projects, I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of access and opportunity. The idea took root that geographical boundaries should not limit access to opportunity. 

Fueled by this conviction, I set out to create a business that provides cutting-edge digital solutions and functions as a bridge connecting skilled African youths to the vast array of global opportunities.

Our vision is to become the leading digital agency enabling entrepreneurs to succeed worldwide and empower 1 million African youths with digital jobs by 2030. 

And we’re counting on your support to hit that goal. We can’t do this without your help. Please join us as we make this ambitious dream a reality.

Dedicated Teams

Never worry about the hassle of hiring again. We’re your “always-on” team. Gain increased productivity and efficiency with personalized and fully managed teams from CareStable.

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