Hire Experienced Customer Support Teams

Clear your customer inquiries 24/7. Provide enjoyable customer support across email, live chat, and social. Your customers will love you.


Digital Multi-Channel Support that Grows Your Business

Email Support

Resolve tickets fast with 24/7 email support by experienced customer support teams

Live Chat

Increase conversion, sales, & customer satisfaction with timely interactions with your website and app users.


Keep in touch with your customers' messages on Instagram, Messenger, & Whatsapp.

Knowledge Base

We help develop an online library of information about your product, service, or topics.

Delight Your Customers in Real-Time.

Grow your business with fast response times & proactive support. Our trained team responds swiftly to your customers while they're browsing your website or app and resolve issues or complaints while you focus on building your business.
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Flexibility built for scale

We grow with your needs. Start with a small team and expand only as the need arises. A spike in Holiday sales inquiries? Anticipating post-campaign inquiries? We got you! Our support teams expand to accommodate your growth.

Management & Training Ready

Enjoy hassle-free customer support hiring. We deploy a comprehensive service management process to hire, train, and deliver client-specific service. We improve response quality, track agent success with custom reports, and ensure continuous performance improvements.

How We Help Brands Succeed...

See how CareStable works to deliver flexibility & scale

Multi-Channel Support

Email, chat, social, text, and voice. We resolve issues quickly and efficiently across all channels.

Affordable & Flexible pricing

Save on employee costs, overhead, & office expenses. Our service lets you do more with less.

Service Management

We offer fully managed customer-service operations on-demand with muti-level management that guarantees quality.


Onboarding Process

Hire your support agents in these quick and simple steps

1. Initiation

Book a free consultation with our team. We'll listen to your unique needs and create a support plan for your business

2. Planning

We'll collate all the information and documentation the agent/s will need to answer your customer inquiries correctly and setup your helpdesk.

4. Training

We help train the team about your product, service, processes, brand voice, documentation, helpdesk, and workflow.

5. Go live!

Your support agent/s begin delighting your customers. We maintain a continual QA assessment to ensure that your service improves continuously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before assigning agents to your project, we audit your needs and prepare systems to represent your company effectively. To assist agents in addressing your visitor queries, please review and answer the questions thoroughly. The information you provide will enhance our ability to serve your customers and visitors efficiently.

During the onboarding process, we kindly request that you share essential information about your business. Think of this as creating an FAQ resource. By doing so, you are helping us understand the types of questions your website visitors are likely to ask and the corresponding answers you’d like us to provide.

Our project managers will review your website to identify any additional information that can be useful in representing your business or service offerings effectively. This information is documented in our Knowledge Base, which acts as a reference database for all our chat agents when they engage with visitors on your site.

It’s important to note that this process is continuous and dynamic. Beyond the initial setup, our agents are trained to consistently enrich the Knowledge Base with any new insights or details they acquire about your business or services. With this collaborative approach, our agents typically become adept at addressing a wide range of questions within the first 2 weeks of service commencement.

There may be instances when our agents lack an answer and require more information. In such cases, our agents will collect the visitor’s name, email, and phone number, assuring them of a prompt follow-up.

For urgent matters, we’ll use your provided contact information from the sign-up process to reach out immediately. Any insights gained will be added to your site’s Knowledge Base.

If the same issue reoccurs, our agents will have the right response, as they are dedicated to providing accurate information and never rely on guesswork.

No, you pay for the service monthly, and there are no extended contracts to commit to.

Our agents are Kenya based. Why Kenya?

  1. Skilled Talent: Most of our Kenya team members are young and university educated with relevant customer service and digital skills. English is the language of Education, which means that written and spoken English is very good.
  2. Internet Reliability: Kenya enjoys numerous fast-speed internet services & a robust Telecom industry
  3. Cost: Hiring from Kenya lets you attract a talented workforce affordably while contributing to our mission of reducing youth unemployment in Africa.
  4. A Growing Tech Hub: Kenya has been described as the Silicon Savanah for its thriving Tech scene and is home to Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.

We’ll educate your agents on your goals, expectations, and the key metrics you’ve shared with us. We’ll work with you to offer additional training on the products, processes, software, and systems required.

We will assign you an email and phone number for smooth communication with our customer success manager. You can also choose other methods of communication that work for you.

All agents sign a confidentiality agreement with CareStable before being employed or contracted. If required, we can sign an NDA.

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Grow with skilled Customer Support Agents

Hire fast & flexible, 24/7 customer support teams working month to month.

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